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Re: How long have you been playing Soul Hunters?

Mon Jun 20, 2016 9:54 pm

Started playing about a month ago when Cara was the monthly hero. Surprised that I got to around 200 already in normal arena.
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Re: How long have you been playing Soul Hunters?

Wed Jun 22, 2016 12:37 am

How long have you been playing? 3 Weeks

How much have you spend on Soul Hunters? A little over $50 and plan on spending more as new events are released

What is my current party level? 48

What are my thoughts on the game so far? [I]This has been a great game but, it does have it's qwirks that make it less polished then most players would like a game. Let me start with the negative... I will be doing this in list form to make it quicker to read over.

    Character limit is to low in general chat.
    Character limit is far to low for private messages and Mass Alliance messages.
    Lack of ways to earn party experience... Story mode is only 6xp on normal and 12xp on heroic

Aside from all that I think that it is a great time killer with the CoF, Arena and Bountiful Caverns. There are many other features such as Guild Wars, Raiding, Mystic Caverns, the Black Market, Treasure Caveand the Summoner Circle. The Enchanter is a fun way to upgrade your characters while waiting to earn party levels. Some features that I would like to see in Soul Hunters are...

    Increased Character limit*
    More ways to earn Party Experience... Such as the riddles reward party experience based on level until level 90. Then, rewards diamonds or have the option.

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