What heroes are you waiting for next month?

1. Dalton, Daphne, Jasper, Tashi Chrona (Let's do it again, I still need Chrona/Dalton/Daphne)
1 (14%)
2. Elric, Ember, Gale. For the victory and honor!
No votes
3. Kasar, Alecia, Bella, Rodan- That's fair.
3 (43%)
4. Where is my Ursula?!
3 (43%)
Total votes: 7
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Worst login reward

Sat Feb 02, 2019 8:34 pm

Today I logged into the game very early. Big day, I was intrigued. I don't know why, but I think that today in the chest, there will be something interesting. I was intrigued. (Honestly, really wanted to take Kasar today). WHAT?!! REALLY?! Are u f...ing kidding me?!I Malrath, Mariana, Tareth?! What the hell is that? I was very disappointed. No, I was angry, I'm still very angry! And I decided to count all login rewards. Here are the results...
February 2019 - Malrath, Marianna, Tareth;
January 2019 - Gremor, Salus, Chrona;
Decembre 2018 - Mazir, Jasmine, Kong;
November 2018 - Dalton, Daphne, Jasper, Tashi, Chrona;
October 2018 - Sylphy, Vulko, Magnus, Morfir;
September 2018 - Gromok;
August 2018 - Sylphy, Vulko, Magnus, Morfir;
July 2018 - Franzicopter;
June 2018 - Vulko. Hurok, Orkon;
May 2018 - Dalton, Daphne, Jasper, Tashi, Chrona;
April 2018 - Alastair, Daphne, Goram, Hurok, Serafine;
March 2018 - Tut, Embrael, Dalton, Sylphy, Dr. Zeno;
February 2018 - Optos;
January 2018 - Adeline, Dalton, Valan, Desmond, Sarya;
Decembre 2017 - Soren;
November 2017 - Dalton, Daphne, Jasper, Tashi, Chrona;
June 2017 - Ariel, Garrick, Riley.

As you can see, the developers did not think much about the players. 3 times for 12 mounts the developers slipped us a choice: Dalton, Daphne, Jasper, Tashi, Chrona!!!!
Top heroes from developers :roll:
4 times Dalton! :(
4 times Chrona. :?
4 times Daphne. :!:

What you're feeding us is not even leftovers from the table. Is the crumbs off the floor! I understand you're greedy for a penny, but Alecia, Kasar, Aldred, Bella, Glacia, Malax, Rodan, Ulaos will not break your poor game balance, in which everything is given to those who pay!
Last 4 loging heroes: Gromok, Franzicopter, Optos, Soren. Someone seriously uses them?

What's next Lilith?
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Re: Worst login reward

Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:31 pm

I'm not surprised.
Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You
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