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Sat Dec 29, 2018 9:43 pm

Lilith, what do you intend to do to restore respect and serenity in these end ofyear celebrations?
Every time a guild in 242 Mutant Beast tries to recruit on the general channel it was insults to deter messenger and rookie potential.


The guilds of the top see their members abandon the game. To slow down that they have nothing better to do than to rot the game of competing guilds, criticize them relentlessly, insult them, to put down potential recruits to them. This has been going on for months. These ones and few of their guildmates also desecrate and insult every player beating them in Arena. So the tool to ignore them is useless.


Is that how we encourage customers to use your app in the long run ?
Obviously bullies don't know the spirit of Christmas. Past this time I will also become bad and vulgar.

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