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Re: Worth the grind?

Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:42 pm

LoneWolf wrote:
picur10 wrote:
Well, my first step was that I've just stopped buy more monthly card. I hope everybody will do this.

Are you VIP?

Yes, I'm a lvl 9 VIP, close to lvl 10 (8600/10000) There is some advantages on that lvl but I won't spend more.
I bought only four cheap 3* heroes: Eizo, Prince of Persia, Rayman and The Flash. That was 3x1+10USD all others were monthly card. So I think we can say I just leveled up faster from diamond and I'm close to a truly free player. What do you expect? After little more than 2 years development, my cards are easily beatable by a fresh player who just buys some heroes for real money.
Eg. Last maps of Cof is harder and harder just because there are a lots of player who buy heroes and you cant defeat them easily. I mainly talk about nightmare mode what will be important for weekly missions..
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Re: Worth the grind?

Mon Sep 17, 2018 5:45 am

I agree that the balance is broken, but DC heroes without Valan/Glacia can be rushed with a team consisting of Embrael, Gremor, and Tsuki. Maybe add Sylphi for additional burst damage and Valan/Mirielle/Goram as tank for good measure

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