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Gladiator Arena update Request

Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:36 pm

hello every one,

i dont know how you guys think about the new arena but in my eyes its a pride arena only.
Epic Arena Was way better atleast you got 24 hours Coins instead of 16 hours now wich is decrease of 33% on coins.( Daylie)
Also its annoying people from my/your own server can get higher ranking then you are even if they cant beat you. they will just avoid you and pick a enemy they can win from. Kinda annoying to lose rank 1 by last minute snipes and you arent even attacked :)

Suggestions to Improve the Gladi Arena:

1 First of all remove the downtime of the Arena and if not remove it then atleast give coins during the down time of the arena also.
2 Lower the Enemy Teams seen 4 out of 7 is just to much you can basicly counter the 4 teams and win wich brings no fun in my eyes.
3 Maybe Give different Coin Bonusses a hour for the different grades of Ranks for example Champions double so it wil lbe 120 A hour proffessionals 90 a hour etc.
4 Bring back Epic arena and keep Gladi arena also and then it will be more fun. then you dont have the remove old heroes from shop neither. If i am not wrong henry Said we needed a extra Reward shop to put newer heroes in wich was like 1 year ago and instead of getting 1 you remove almost the best reward shop there was besides COF and bring back a shop with 33% decrease on coins daylie .
5 Just bring back EPIC arena. ( and dont remove gladi arena Since its a PVP game mainly more arenas more fun)

if any one knows any other suggestions Please dont feel shy to respond :)
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Re: Gladiator Arena update Request

Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:13 pm

Gladiator arena was closed one hour before rewards the coins are painfully less.... I'm so pissed off(≧ヘ≦) ムゥ
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Re: Gladiator Arena update Request

Thu May 24, 2018 1:56 pm

i agree to keep both epic and glad arena

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