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Talent tree ( Heroic Academy )

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:48 pm
by AmeerAlawy
Greetings everybody , I need your opinions and thoughts about the best talent tree for , Prince of persia *7 , Petros *6 , Mazir*5

My current talent tree for Mazir is : Mysicism : 1- armor crafting , 2-poison preparation , 3-evasive maneuvers , 4 - energy regeneration , 5- general tactics .
For elemental magic : I put damage resistance , physical conditioning , defensive tactics , still confused between spell recovery ( useful in the crucible) and silence resistance ( pretty well in arena , and dark magic or battle sorcery .

PoP : confused a bit because I feel that he is more tanky than a DPS : I put general tactics , armor crafting ( most arena heroes are physical , but still need to consider magic DPS heroes ) , the same about stealth and damage resistance ( currently damage resistance) , no need for silence resistance ( he is a physical hero so I chose final strugglle since he might die earlier than the others . Confused about crit rating and pierce rating .
Honor tree : Current skills are : physical conditioning and defensive tactics (consider facing physical DPS heroes ) still thinking about blessing instead of defensive tactics , need your opinion about energy regeneration and elemental mastery ( currently elemental mastery ) , offensive tactics and weapon mastery ( currently : weapon mastery ) .
Petros : defence tree is fine , need your suggestions about fearlessness between stealth and blessing , currently using stealth , material arts and weapon mastery ( currently weapon mastery )
Feel free to comment , If there is a better suggestion , or better choices that the ones I wrote , I am glad to hear from you .

Respectfully .

Ameer .

Re: Talent tree ( Heroic Academy )

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:07 pm
by DeusEx
Another whale who doesn't know anything.

Re: Talent tree ( Heroic Academy )

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:33 pm
by AmeerAlawy
I think asking for suggestions doesn’t tell that I dont know anything , I am lvl 92 , ranked 4 in the arena , enjoying the gameplay and the forum too , If you have any suggestions for a better talent tree , I am gonna thank you , if you’re jealous , then that’s your problem , being a whale or not isn’t your problem , both P2W and F2P players are still exist .

Re: Talent tree ( Heroic Academy )

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:18 pm
by DeusEx
First, when you list the skills of the tree don't put those names, pretty sure most people won't know what are you talking about, put what they upgrade.

Second, jealous? Nope. 4th? That doesn't tell me anything. Enjoying the gameplay, good for you :P ...

I would have advised, but I am one of those that don't have a clue what stealth or blessing are with actual skills, because most names don't correlate with what they actually do.

Finally, Prince is NOT a tank xD pretty much with this "meta" (which is not the same in each server), you want to upgrade any anti-physical damage and increment healings/HP (not lifesteal though, that skill sucks).

There is no such thing as damage resistance, afaik. There is magical and physical resistance (overall) and m&p toughness (crits).

Silence resistance is NOT only for magic heroes, but for everyone who uses "magic" skills, Prince's ultimate is magic and it can be silenced, Vernos' ult, Vulko's invisibility, Garrick's ult... you should know that by now.

Pierce rating over Crit rating for Prince, pretty sure he doesn't crit often, but he has a nice pierce.

Re: Talent tree ( Heroic Academy )

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:40 pm
by AmeerAlawy
Thanks for your comment , but first , I DIDNT SAY THAT PoP IS A TANK , I said he seems more tanky than a DPS , every player can read his card ( Front Line DPS and other information like his ultimate) , I use him in the crucible , pretty nice crowd control , but his damage is considered a bit low compared to other DPS heroes or even tanks such as Petros , Morfir , Vulko , Hurok , Rayman , Batman.. ( at last , he is a pay to get hero , so he should be enough strong ) check for more information .

second , you can check the talent tree about the skill names , check LingLing Elemental Magic tree , both damage resistance (physical) and stealth (magical resistance) are exist . If you dont believe it , check soul hunters DB for more information or , as for the skills ( currently the skills I use ) , this is my own opinion for a first time player , so when you tell me something different or seems to be much better , I would definitely understand your point , for players who doesnt know the names of the skills , I think they need to check the heroic academy , may be to read more about every skill ;) , check for more information .

At last , I cant change your opinion about cash spenders , but remember that some players are mini-spenders , others spend too much , whales who make sure to get every hero, personally I am considered to be a mini-spender because I dont have many heroes like Vulko , Mirah , Casar , the Bat , Magnus , Tut ,Tsuki , Embrael , Alecia , Elador , Gremor , Goram , Orkon and some other free heroes, so I got petros ( best tank) , PoP (best CC) , Mazir ( pretty good with his Ult ) .

ultimately , all of us know that spending is the soul of freemium games , It is sad how these games treat their players in order to make them spend more ,after all its their policy :ugeek: ., we accept because we want to try some new heroes , if some players are angry of Lilith policy , they can leave the game and search for F2P game 8-) .

Hope to understand my point .

Re: Talent tree ( Heroic Academy )

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2020 1:42 am
by vvarg