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What's with all the Hurok DP events

Fri Oct 20, 2017 2:15 pm

I've been running low on diamonds for quite a while and I've been telling myself, if a good double purchase event comes up, I would get some. But every damn DP event includes Hurok. Must have been at least the last 5 DP events or so. Sure it's a good hero, but by now everybody who is willing to spend some money must have Hurok at the star level they are willing to pay for..

In the off-chance that someone from Lilith is reading: why not show some diversity? and bring two of the newer heroes together instead of paring each of them up with Hurok?
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Re: What's with all the Hurok DP events

Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:52 pm

I believe the whole point is to force whales to spend their money inefficiently. Many bigger spenders will replenish diamonds today to finish their Morfir pulls. So they're buying diamonds either way, and Lilith doesn't want to give them anything useful which might prevent future purchases.
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Re: What's with all the Hurok DP events

Fri Oct 20, 2017 7:56 pm

Hey guys , I think double purchase reward is a good idea , it helps player in someway , but it is discusting when they put the soul stones of 2 heroes one of them is new , the other was in some double purchase events before , they should put the soul stones of new heroes , if not , put the same soul stones of the Same hero , for example , instead of giving Hurok soul stones and 160 Mazir soul stones ( which will not do much due to the number of soul stones needed to upgrade him to a high star lvl like lvl 6 stars or 7 stars ) , GIVE US the whole bunch of soul stones for the same hero , this will make a difference , player is PAYING good money in order to get his hero to higher star lvl , SERIOUSLY !??! , Lilith ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME ??!!!!
I know they are becoming so greedy , at least give something WORTH .
They are not listening to their players , EVEN in double purchase bonus !!
But guys remember what happened to other games that used the same policy, and remember this :
“ A rich man dies alone . Greed is a jealous friend .”

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