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Re: Tower of Valor [Discussion]

Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:44 pm

HunterXHunter wrote:
Oberfukse wrote:
Pretty sure you won't be able to do it from the 19th floor, as in win still 18 more floors you will need to pass and discard good hero

If the difficulty is same as CoF and the chances are unlimited or decent (5-10) then i am pretty sure than i can push through with just 4 heroes to around floor 27, after that the plan will be to use secondary heroes in the 5th spot and sacrifice them, until maybe around 32 when things will become real tough.

since it's a two week event i am guessing that they will give you daily chances for the fights.

The problem is that your heroes do not start with energy from the previous level...

In any case this is supposed to be (very) challenging. And I see that as a good thing. Challenge = fun.
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Re: Tower of Valor [Discussion]

Thu Apr 27, 2017 8:42 pm

This new feature will be a welcome opportunity to think of new setups and in-depth counterbuilding, even with older heroes.
That's what I think.
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Re: Tower of Valor [Discussion]

Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:28 am

This feature is only good for its great items, not challenging at all and I am lacking tons of heroes and still was super easy.
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Re: Tower of Valor [Discussion]

Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:45 am

Okay i don't know when it became available but when i opened the game at 21:00 PST, Thursday it was available.
so far i used my test server to get to stage 18.

Enemies --> this doesn't follow CoF rules, enemies from the very start are almost near your lvl and power, and they don't seem to be increasing their power at the moment, however since some heroes are nearly useless and some are ultra OP it will be your luck as to which one you will encounter.

Concept of Dead --> they should have told this from the start, if your hero dies they aren't coming back, their health will not be restored or anything they will be considered Dead, you can sacrifice a Dead Hero as well, however that will result in the Hero having both Dead and Sacrifice Tag. however only the sacrifice tag will be visible.

- after 10th stage i got back my heroes that had only the Dead tag with them but not the sacrifice and Dead ones.

Rewards --> the initial rewards were White items then Blue then Bigger Blue than 10 SS (i got Ling and Goblin squad) then some money then a golden item then some purple items then a weird frame then some more money then at 18 i got a red item.

Weird stuff(Bugs?) --> at 18 i also got back my sacrificed heroes, however there is some weird thing going on,
- at first when i cleared the 18 all the sacrificed heroes that were not dead were returned but those who were both Dead & sacrificed were not instead the Sacrificed Tag was removed and the Dead tag appeared on them.
- however after i exited the game and came back all my heroes were available once again, pretty weird huh...

the Fodder sacrificing technique is working, having infinite tries and decent heroes and strategy i almost 4 vs 5 everyone,
- however if the all heroes reappearance is a bug then we have a bit of a problem as that would mean that hero reappearance will become harder
- during one of the fights i lost my jasmine to Ezio... that cheated hero, anyway but since it was at stage 9 i got her back from the 10th satge
- as said before i got my heroes that were Dead and not sacrificed returned to me by clearing the 10th stage that included (Jasmine and Gus and Dalton)

- the stage 19 heroes seems to be bigger than me by quite a margin, so it would seem that the game is divided in two sets 1-18 then 19-26 and now it's going to be hyper challenging to 4 vs 5 them.

- i will try to update this/write a new review when i complete the rest of the 18 stages.

EDIT: okay i think the concept of Dead is nothing but a visual Bug, it will follow the tag and dual tag system exactly as i mentioned however as soon as you quit and come back, your dead heroes will be restored (or more like the Dead tag will be removed as the Sacrificed and Dead hero concept will also follow exactly as i stated before)

- as for the stage 10 thing, i think that the tower simply auto-refreshed at that time, and that was the reason my Dead heroes were restored.
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Re: Tower of Valor [Discussion]

Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:13 am

What is this "King of the Tower" item?
It doesn't do anything.
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Re: Tower of Valor [Discussion]

Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:47 am

I used the 4/1 rule the entire run, a team consisting of 4×toons at max party level & 1×toon under 25, who was sacrificed each time, essentially running the whole thing 4on5.

While my roster is deep enough where this was not necessary, I forgot about the level 18-19 reset, which would I have remembered, I would have just ran as normal.

A couple things:

This is more 2 runs of 18 levels, rather then 1 run at 36 levels, due to the above mentioned reset. While my roster of 60ish toons, even with half leveled within 15 of my party max of 71, seems large, taking 35 away the entire run would have left me a bit more worrisome, then it did. Only sacrificing 18 toons, who maxed out to level 25, using the un-needed 4/1 method, had no impact on my roster.

Loses. I had I think 2 levels I truly struggled on. And yeah I could have ran 5 top toons to breeze through, but with no consequences of a loss, I would just tweak the 4 main toons If needed to win. Hell, I think after L8, I ran the same 4 toons with that 5th slot purely for the sacrifice.

Because of the health/energy resets, lack of loss consequences, going 4on5 the entire 36 levels, it almost felt easy. Aside from those couple early matches, getting started, I could have ran auto the whole time. I even finished a match or two with my sacrifice alive..

Now my bitching aside and it's just nitpicking, it's a fun event. I'd like to see it more than once every 2 weeks, but if that was the case, the loot drop would not be nearly as good. Which, started unremarkable and then picked up quickly at L8, LingLing SS, and didn't stop. I liked that the loot was not always equal to party max, I got less, I got greater.

Speaking of loot drop, it's safe to say everyone got almost identical loot? From what I gathered it seems so. I have majority of what I got listed and can run it down quickly. And any info on the "King of the Tower" item everyone gets for completing the tower would be cool.

Anyways, my 2¢.
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Re: Tower of Valor [Discussion]

Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:15 am

Is anyone actually getting the iron and wood rewards? Check your actual resources in the heroes village. I should have gotten like 10k iron and wood from the tower run but it didn't actually go up at all.
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Re: Tower of Valor [Discussion]

Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:54 am

Matrix wrote:
Is anyone actually getting the iron and wood rewards? Check your actual resources in the heroes village. I should have gotten like 10k iron and wood from the tower run but it didn't actually go up at all.

The same about money. I did not get any money and it should actually be 2x money reward. A bug probably, but a nasty one if that is so. Anyway the reqards are good but its easy to complete. I just used auto battle and got through easily.
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Re: Tower of Valor [Discussion]

Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:17 am

few clarifications:

1- There is no perma-death. if during a fight one of your heroes dies, when you exit the tower he will go back to life. So no need to pause e leave battle like in the crucible of fire.
2- To get Iron,wood,crystals and gold just logout and login, no worries.
3- Prizes are fixed

Renegade's Armor
Master's Cap
Songbird Ring
LingLing soulstones
Goblins soulstones
Few gold items
tons of iron,wood and crystals
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Re: Tower of Valor [Discussion]

Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:25 am

Re: Tower of Valor [Discussion]

This a very accurate List of Reward, i made it myself.
Note: The Wood, Iron & Crystals are Resources used in heroes village (Level 85)

5x Twilight Orb (White item)
3x Eternal Flame (white item)
2x Demonic Longsword (Blue item)
2x Mask of Sacrifice (Blue item)
1x Golden Mallet (Blue item)
1x Cloud Walkers (Blue item)
5x Wizardly Codex (Blue item)
10x Ling Ling Soul Stones
10x Goblin Squad Soul Stones
2x Bloody Hatchet (Blue item)
2x Hefty War Axe (Blue item)
1x Ethereal Cloak (Golden item)
250000 Gold Coins
1x Grim Slasher (Purple item)
1x Wellspring Water (Purple item)
350000 Gold Coins
1x Songbird Ring (Red item)
Bionic Bat Frame

1500 Wood
1500 Iron
15x Ling Ling Soul Stones
2500 Wood
2500 Iron
1x Master's Cap (Red item)
1000 Crystals
3000 Wood
3000 Iron
1500 Crystal
1x Ethereal Cloak (Golden item)
1x Renegade's Armor (Golden item)
1x Mystic Dragonscale (Golden item)
1x Nemean Hide (Golden item)
5000 Wood
5000 Iron
2500 Crystal
1x King of the Tower

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