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Re: Makng old hereo viable again

Mon Feb 27, 2017 10:50 pm

tehzmann wrote:
This. Look at Alana. Her awakening is useless and doesn't fit her kit or gear at all. Her entire kit needs a rework to make her usable again. Great skin and card though :)

Exactly. I wasted a lot of time and resources awakening Alana, hoping she'd be usable again. Nope.
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Re: Makng old hereo viable again

Tue Feb 28, 2017 5:24 pm

Yes... returning to the name of theme, old heroes must be viable again... Dear Hengli, i know that you are of course know about problem of awakening... I understand this may be more dufficult to rework all kit, then give an awakening only... Please, you must do it carefully to reach this goal - reviving an old hero.
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Re: Makng old hereo viable again

Thu Mar 09, 2017 6:50 pm

hengli wrote:
TreeSap wrote:
I don't have access to Soul Hunter's numbers, but unless their model is already showing signs of failing and they are just trying to spike revenue as much as possible before declaring that the game is no longer going to be sustained (Chain Chronicle global by Gumi did something sort of like this), it doesn't make sense to blast apart the balance and power curve by outmoding parts of the game with new heroes above that curve. Heroes and their role in the core mechanic deliver the main (or at least one of the top) value in the game.

It doesn't look like Soul Hunters is at that point, but just imagine what will happen if they don't avoid unsustainable accretion. Making a new community like Soul Hunters has would probably take much more effort than trying to improve the sustainability of this already-entertaining game. And everyone who has invested in the game will be really sour, maybe even sour toward Lilith. I liked Chain Chronicle global, and Gumi's shutdown of it soured me toward Gumi games; I wouldn't invest in another one of their games because if they can't manage it correctly like with Chain Chronicle (one of the best, deepest mobile games I have ever played due to the variety of things they could do with the core mechanic, and its closure is the reason I eventually sought out Soul Hunters), my money goes down the drain.

Hi TreeSap first of all I appreciate all the feedback from you guys and will try to at least answer some of your concerns and questions.

1 - Our original version is online for more than 3 years, Soul Hunters in June will be online for 2 years and as you can see the game is updated normally twice a month. Lilith is compromised to keep bringing content to the game and giving support to the players. So you don't need to worry about that. New features are being worked on and players will soon be able to enjoy some exciting new game-modes.

2 - Old heroes are getting re-worked with the awakenings, I am aware that many old heroes don't have awakening quests yet but they will. This month I will also do a special event related to that please stay tuned.

3 - Heroes like Sylphi will end up being released in the shops where all the players will be able to farm Soulstones for her. Different from other games we release all the heroes to the shops (except Ezio as this is a special case). We also try to release good login heroes that as you know are available to all the players in the game from the calendar rewards and very quickly in shops where their Soulstones are placed.

Our game is still competitive even for free players. There are many F2P players that are already level 100 and also battle for top positions in the Arena for example. I understand the concerns and complaints but can guarantee that we are still always working to keep the game as balanced as possible. VIP players of course do have an advantage and that is normal in any game but Soul Hunters has room for every kind of player.

Just wanted to say thanks for the reply. As an almost-free player (bought a monthly card last month), I wanted to reassert that the game still offers a lot of fun for the casual player, and that I wasn't worried about SH going under. I know I was long-winded, but I just wanted to express concern about hero accretion and that the speed at which they are being developed may make future design more challenging than necessary. As a mere player, I can't do any more than continue to enjoy the game and see what comes down the pipeline. In any case, I appreciate your thoughtful response and encouragement.

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