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New Hero - Firehawk

Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:25 pm

Firehawk – Legendary Phoenix


Firehawk is a middle line DPS hero with the unique ability to revive himself multiple times during battle. He will be available as a purchase bonus starting June 9th.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Scorching Ray: Firehawk unleashes a ray of fire that decimates the battlefield, dealing magic damage-over-time. However, Firehawk uses his own life-force to produce this ray, depleting his own health quickly when he uses this ability.

Scorching Ray Descr.png

Scorching Ray.PNG

From the Ashes: When his health is reduced to zero, Firehawk can withdraw into a fiery egg for 5 seconds. If the egg remains unbroken for 5 seconds, he will be reborn with partial health. If it’s the first time he’s used this ability during the battle (it doesn’t reset each wave), the egg can take up to 4 hits before breaking. The second time it can take up to 3 hits, and the third time it can only take 2 hits.

From the Ashes Descr.png

From the Ashes.PNG

Swooping Strike: Firehawk dives through the enemy party, dealing Magic damage to multiple enemy units in his path.

Swooping Strike Descr.png

Swooping Strike.PNG

Guardians of the Flame: Firehawk summons 4 small firebirds that fly in a circle around him, increasing his physical attack as well as giving his basic attack an additional AOE damage effect. These effects last for 12 seconds. The more you upgrade the ability, the more AOE damage will be dealt by basic attacks.

Guardians of the Flame Descr.png

Guardians of the Flame.PNG

Initial Ability Sequence:

Guardians of the Flame, Basic Attack, Swooping Strike (From the Ashes is situational).


In terms of his abilities, Firehawk is one of the most unique heroes in Soul Hunters so far. His ultimate deals huge amounts of damage, but you’ll have to use it carefully due to how much it depletes Firehawk’s own health. His second ability is extremely important as well, as it allows him to be revived from death up to 3 times per battle. Whether or not this actually happens depends on how many times the enemy can land blows against him in the 5 second period. Few heroes have the resilience of Firehawk, and this legendary creature is sure to be an excellent addition to your party.

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