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Strategy Guide Contest

Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:04 pm

Soul Hunters Strategy Guide Contest!

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Create a Strategy Guide for one of Soul Hunters' in game features, Heroes, Events or other aspect of the game and help newer players experience the adventure.

Post your Strategy Guide in the General Discussion Forum with the subject line starting with [Guide] followed by the name of the guide.
For example: [Guide] How to beat the Crucible of Fire

Only posts created after the contest begins will qualify for the contest.

On June 8th the Soul Hunters Team will review all threads which begin with [Guide] and choose FIVE Guides to be the winners of the contest.

Each winner will receive 800 Diamonds & 10 Diamond Chest Tickets!

During this week we encourage all users to join in the conversation in the Guide thread and share your opinions, ideas, strategies or feedback relating to the given topic.

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