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June Login Hero - Magdor

Wed Jun 01, 2016 1:42 pm


Magdor is an armored swordsman who can transform into a dragon. As a front-line tank, he can withstand large amounts of physical damage. Magdor will be available as the Login Hero for June starting June 2nd.

Hero Stats

Hero Abilities

Dragon Heart: When Magdor’s energy is at 80% or above, you may tap his avatar to activate his ultimate, which transforms Magdor from a warrior into a dragon. In dragon form, his basic attack will be effective over a small area rather than on a single target, and affected enemies will take damage-over-time. All of Magdor’s other abilities are also more powerful while he is in dragon form. However, Magdor’s energy is quickly drained while he is in this state, and when it reaches zero, he will transform back into warrior form. He also reverts to warrior form at the end of every wave.

Dragon Heart Descr.png

Dragon Heart.PNG

Dragon Fire: Magdor blows a large flame over the enemy party, dealing AOE physical damage. Enemy physical armor is useless against this ability. When in dragon form, the damage dealt and range of this ability is increased.

Dragon Fire Descr.png

Dragon Fire.PNG

Dragon Bash: Magdor uses his shield to strike a single enemy, dealing physical damage, knocking them back, and stunning them. When in Dragon form, this attack takes the form of striking an enemy with a dragon’s claw. The range of the claw attack is greater than that of the shield attack.

Dragon Bash Descr.png

Dragon Bash.PNG

Dragon Blood: This passive ability helps Magdor survive enemy physical attacks by boosting his physical armor throughout the battle. As with all passives, it is not visible in battle.

Initial Ability Sequence:

Dragon Bash, Dragon Fire, Basic Attack

As a tank Magdor will be particularly effective against physically focused parties, especially when his fourth ability is unlocked. With a high max health stat and decent magic armor he will hold his own against magic parties as well. Although he is a tank, Magdor has good offensive capabilities, especially when his energy is high enough to use his ultimate. This hero may be a game-changer on the front line, so make sure to get this new tank on your team ASAP!

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