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New Feature - Prophecy Pool

Thu May 26, 2016 10:06 am


1. There are 5 bosses in the Prophecy Pool, one of which is available every day. Unlike the Hall of Legends, there will always be a boss available to fight against.


2. You can click “Upcoming Bosses” to see which bosses will be available in the next 3 days. Some of the bosses look similar to existing heroes, others are unique.


3. You can fight in the Prophecy Pool twice each day. Choose your difficulty level carefully, keeping in mind that defeating the boss on higher difficulties will give you more loot.


4. All of the bosses have special abilities, and you’ll need to choose your heroes wisely to have a chance against them. Recommended Heroes to counter this boss are listed at the bottom of the screen.
Note that the first time you defeat a difficulty level each day, you are guaranteed to earn the “First-Time Loot” displayed on this screen. If you defeat the boss on this difficulty level again, you will earn the same items but in varying amounts.


5. If you can’t beat the boss on higher difficulty levels, don’t get discouraged! These bosses are often entirely immune to control abilities or certain types of damage, and they may be able to heal themselves. This makes them tough to beat, but using the right combination of heroes makes all the difference.

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