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Vespix – Wasp Mercenary

Sun May 22, 2016 4:24 am


Vespix is a Front-Line DPS hero who weakens the enemy with slow-acting poison before finishing them off with powerful physical attacks. Vespix will be available in the Conjuring Stone starting May 22nd.



Hero Abilities

Perfect Storm: Vespix summons two whirlwinds that sweep the entire battlefield, lifting enemies and dealing Physical Damage. If enemies had previously been struck by Vespix’s second attack, Slow Poison, they will take a large amount of additional damage from this ultimate.

Perfect Storm Descr.png

Perfect Storm.PNG

Slow Poison: Vespix spits a glob of poison at a nearby enemy; the poison stuns the enemy but initially doesn’t do any damage. However, the poison stays with the enemy throughout the course of the battle, and will affect them periodically, interrupting their abilities, depleting energy, and dealing physical damage. The affected enemy will also be more susceptible to some of Vespix’s other abilities throughout the battle. The priority target for this attack will be an enemy near to Vespix who isn’t yet affected by the poison.

Slow Poison Descr.png

Slow Poison.PNG

Slashing Hooks: This straightforward attack involves Vespix diving forward and quickly slashing a single enemy with his hooks, dealing Physical Damage. If the enemy is affected by Slow Poison, they will take twice the damage from this ability.

Slashing Hooks Descr.png

Slashing Hooks.PNG

Rampage: This ability targets one or more enemies near to Vespix for a series of slashing attacks that deal physical damage. Vespix is immune to most enemy attacks while performing this attack.

Rampage Descr.png


Side Effect (Awakening Ability): Once you complete the Awakening Quest for Vespix, you will be able to unlock his 5th ability. This is a passive ability which grants an additional effect to Vespix’s Slow Poison- whenever the enemy loses health due to the poison, Vespix will gain some health and energy.

Side Effect Descr.png

Initial Ability Sequence

Slow Poison, Rampage, Slashing Hooks, Basic Attack


Vespix’s offensive stats don’t look impressive at first glance, but only looking at the stats ignores a lot about what makes him a great DPS hero. First of all, his Max Health is quite high, higher than some tanks. To add to his survivability, he has immunity while delivering Rampage, and his Awakening Ability can periodically boost his health. Finally, by weakening the enemy with poison, Vespix has offensive power which isn’t obvious from looking at his stats. If you’re in need of a tough front-line DPS hero, be sure to check out the Conjuring Stone this week!

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