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Game Update - 4/12

Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:53 am

Hello Hunters!
We will update the game (version 2.4.102) in order to provide new content and a better game experience for you all. Soul Hunters will not be available from 04/12 2:00 AM PST until 04/12 06:00 AM PST.

Patch Notes:
● Added new DC hero: Superman

● Added a new all server ranking to the Hall of Legends, you can now check player’s formations.
● Optimized the Goblin Peddler by increasing the chances of pet equipment appearing. Low quality equipment can now be traded in for gold coins.
● Improvements for ability points storing limit.
● Optimized the Gladiator Arena rankings.
● Reduced the level for pets to equip gear to 95.
● Optimized pet equipment descriptions.
● Optimized equipment enchantment.

[Bug Fixes]
● Fixed Gladiator Arena preset bug.
● Fixed equipment crafting interface bug.
● Translations Optimized

Note: Due to some equipment mismatches for certain heroes’ pets this patch will force pet armor to drop back into the player’s bags and must be re-equipped.

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