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Developer Q&A

Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:44 am

Hello everyone,

Players sent many questions to the developers and below you can find answers to many of them.

1.What is the planned longevity for the game?
We will keep updating the game and bringing new content for players. Our Chinese version was released nearly 4 years ago and is still constantly being updated just like Soul Hunters (that was released over 2 years ago).

2.What additional content do you want/plan to bring into the game? Considering all of the similar games to this one, there are plenty of unique game modes that Soul Hunters doesn't have yet. The current state of the game makes it seem that the developers think that 3 or 4 new Heroes a month satisfies the playerbase's itch for new content
We are working on new features and understand that the players need more in-game activities.

3.Any chance we could see a player-to-player market system for trading items?
Soul Hunters is not suitable for this kind of system so this is not something we plan on doing.

4.Any plans to rework the in-game Chat system?
Yes, the chat system rework is planned for the next few months.

5.Do you plan on releasing Legendary Pets into the game beside the Diamond draw we just saw?
Yes, we will add new ways for players to acquire legendary pets.

6.Any plans to give us more ways of unlocking unique Avatars / Avatar Frames?
We will do more events to release unique avatars and frames.

7.Why the Crucible of Fire nerf?
Crucible of Fire was not nerfed, we actually improved all the drop rates on this feature. If you are referring to the change for VIP players it was simply a bug fix, VIP players still get 4 times the equipment during the Nightmare mode event. Due to many players complaints regarding the nightmare mode we will try to improve this event when possible.

8.Why are Pet Skills so expensive?
Pets bring huge buffs to heroes and due do that reason their skills are priced that way.

9.Any chance at a more extensive in-game event calendar?
Yes, we will work on that when possible.

10.Any chance we'll see Realm/Return of the Ancients more consistently?
We just opened the Return of the Ancients again after receiving many player requests.

11.Any chance we'll see Hall of Legends become a Daily event?
We are considering to do it.

12.Any chance Tower of Valor will return?
This feature has some issues and we are fixing them before releasing it again.

13.Any chance we'll see some good Diamond Spender events return? How about the Diamond Shop?
We will open more diamond spender events in the near future.

14.Any chance we could see an Event-Exclusive Hero?

We can consider about that but for now we don't have any plans.

15.Orkon came out in March 2017, and he was the last Hero to be added to the Diamond Chest... Why is it taking 9-12 months for Heroes to be released into the Diamond Chest / Shops?
16.Why are Heroes (such as Sylphi, Chrona, and Goram) only being released to the premium traders for gold/diamonds? Why aren't they available in the normal shops like Crucible of Fire or Arena? Why are their Soulstones so expensive?

We just released over 10 heroes in the shops, diamond chest and chapters. We hope players enjoy that. We will keep releasing other heroes in future updates.

17.Why not create a public release schedule for Heroes? (i.e. when they will be released into a shop and/or Diamond Chests)
It's possible but for now we don't have plans on doing that.

18.Are there any plans to release a new shop for newer Heroes, or to rework the existing shops?
We don't have plans on doing that.

19.Why has the power-level of Premium Heroes spiked so drastically since December 2017? Before Sylphi, Conjuring Stone / Purchase Heroes were not a huge problem... now they are practically necessary to remain competitive.
We always try to release heroes that can improve the game meta, bring new formation combinations and so on. We will keep releasing the older heroes for all the players so the game doesn't get overly unbalanced.

20.Anymore plans to rebalance/rework older Heroes? There are 114 Heroes in the game right now and maybe as much as 30% see use. Ember, Gale, Flora, Drago, Boomer, Lucius, Leah, Selene, Torsen, Urestag, Leon, Musashi, Mariana, Esabel, Hanzo, Ulfang, Alastair, Wraxius, Gizmo, Crushers, Riley, Gus, Aqua, Vespix, Magdor, Cyana, etc, etc, etc... there are so many Heroes that are simply not even close to viable in any game-mode. Any plans to address this?
Yes, we are doing hero rebalance on every update recently and plan on working on more heroes. We also hope that the awakening quests can improve ousefules that are not very usefull right now.

21.Why do Heroes with identical passive abilities (i.e. a flat bonus to Health, Magic Armor, etc.) have such huge discrepancies in their strength? For example, Elador and Elric both have a Purple Ability that grants them additional Health, yet Elador's ability is 4x stronger than Elric's (20,000 HP at max level vs. 5,000 HP). Shouldn't these types of abilities be brought more in line?

We will keep doing hero balance changes and improvements to deal with this matter.

22.Why are Heroic Academy Talents so vague? When can we expect to see actual descriptions for these abilities?
Players can list which talents they don't understand and we will do our best to explain it on the official forum.

23.Can we expect Batman to see a nerf?
No plans on doing that.

24.Physical teams have been dominating the Arena meta for quite some time now. Are there any plans to balance this somehow to make Magic Heroes more viable in PvP?

We will release more magic heroes to bring balance to the Arena and other game features.

25.Any chance we'll see Server vs. Server and/or Cross-Server PvP?
Yes, we are developing this feature but due to some issues in the cross-server function our team faced some problems that are delaying its release.

26.Bluetooth Duels have been "in the game" for quite awhile but never actually worked. Do you ever intend to make this feature accessible?
Yes, we will work on that.

27.Are there any plans to rework Guild Wars? Any plans to bring in Sacred Wars?
No plans for now.

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