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New Hero - Gregor

Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:57 am

Gremor – Double-headed Dragon


Gremor is a two-headed dragon who breathes fire and ice. He fights on the middle line and his attacks deal large amounts of AOE damage to enemies. Gremor is available through an Ancient Chest event starting November 27th.

Hero Stats:


Hero Abilities:
Freezing Blast Text.png

Freezing Blast.PNG

Freezing Blast: Gremor blasts the battlefield with freezing air, disarming enemies within a large area. Affected enemies will also take damage over time.

Double Threat Text.png

Double Threat.PNG

Double Threat: Each of Gremor’s heads delivers a separate attack, one breathing fire and the other blasting ice. The attacks deal equal amounts of freezing and burning damage.

Firestorm Text.png


Firestorm: Gremor engulfs the battlefield in flames, dealing initial magic damage as well as damage-over-time to enemies within a large area.

Ring of Fire Text.png

Ring of Fire.PNG

Ring of Fire: Gremor spits a large fireball that deals magic damage to a target enemy as well as possibly hitting enemies behind them.


Gremor’s attacks can quickly devastate the entire enemy party with massive amounts of AOE damage. He also has an above average Ability Level Bonus of 4, meaning that his attacks will be more powerful than those of other heroes at the same level. Note that his Magic Armor is much higher than his Physical Armor, so it’s critical to keep him sheltered from intense Physical Attacks. If you need a hero focused on dealing AOE Magic Damage, Gremor is a great choice.

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