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New Hero - Kasar

Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:15 am

Kasar – Gargoyle Spirit


Kasar is a Front-line Tank who has two distinct forms: a granite statue and a flying demon. Kasar is available from the Conjuring Stone starting Sunday, October 22nd.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Strategic Transformation Text.png

Strategic Transformation: This ultimate allows Kasar to switch between his two forms, and does not require a full energy bar in order to be used.
As a flying demon, Kasar is able to use his Basic Attack and other abilities that deal damage to the enemy, but in this mode he quickly uses up energy. When he is running low on either health or energy, he may switch to statue mode.
At the moment he hits the ground and becomes a statue, he stuns and deals damage to surrounding enemies, but after that remains frozen in place, unable to attack. As a statue, he recovers health and energy, and is partially immune to both physical and magic damage.
Using the ultimate again allows him to revert to flying mode. At the moment that he changes to flying mode, enemies are terrified, slowing their movement and attacks.

Magic Overload Text.png

Magic Overload.PNG

Magic Overload: This ability gives Kasar a shield that can block a certain amount of damage when he is in statue mode. It also allows him to launch an ambush attack immediately after transforming into flying mode.

Fatal Plunge Text.png

Fatal Plunge.PNG

Fatal Plunge: While in flying mode, Kasar can pick up an enemy and drop them from a high altitude. Their impact with the ground deals AOE damage, as well as stunning them and surrounding enemies.

Specter of Death Text.png

Specter of Death.PNG

Specter of Death: This ability is only activated when Kasar shares the battlefield with an ally who has control abilities. If an enemy is affected by a control ability, the swarm of bats that surrounds Kasar will attack the enemy, dealing damage and extending the time they are affected by the control ability.


When Auto-battle is not activated, Kasar is extremely effective, as he can simply transform into a statue and regain health when needed. It would take a huge concentration of enemy attacks to destroy him in this mode, and once Magic Overload is unlocked, his shield makes this even more difficult. His offensive capabilities are also impressive, but strategic use of his ultimate makes him nearly unstoppable as a tank. When Auto-battle is activated, Kasar will still automatically transform when he runs out of energy, although it won’t be as effective as strategically timing the use of his ultimate.

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