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New Hero - Morfir

Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:36 am

Morfir – Night Hunter


Morfir is a Front Line DPS hero who dashes behind enemies and delivers deadly attacks. He is especially lethal against mages. Morfir will be available from a special hero chest event starting Tuesday, Oct 17th.

Hero Stats

Hero Abilities

Void Blast: This ultimate allows Morfir to leap behind the enemy with the highest Magic Attack and unleash a devastating blast which not only damages the primary target, but also other enemies around it.

Void Blast Text.png


Touch of Darkness: As Morfir’s only active ability besides his ultimate, Touch of Darkness is a very effective attack. Morfir dashes behind an enemy unit and slices the target and other nearby enemies with his sword, dealing damage and draining them of Energy.

Touch of Darkness Text.png


Blade Dance: This passive ability gives Morfir a helpful boost to his Physical Attack.

Blade Dance Text.png

Gorgon Shield: Another passive ability that is not visible in battle, Gorgon Shield gives Morfir additional Magic Armor. This is useful when attempting to assassinate mage-type units.

Gorgon Shield Text.png


Morfir’s abilities are remarkably simple but deadly. He is able to dash into the enemy party, and deal melee physical damage to units who are not well suited to defending against it. Mages are the most inviting targets- his ultimate targets them specifically and Gorgon Shield protects against their counterattacks. On the defensive side, Morfir’s Max Health and armor are just average, but he more than makes up for it with his outstanding damage-dealing ability.

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