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New Hero - Saulus

Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:15 am

Salus – Orcish Chieftain


Salus is a front-line DPS hero who wildly swings his huge blade, dealing tons of physical damage and dominating the front-line. Salus will be available through an ancient chest event starting Tuesday, September 26.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Gods Strength Text.png

Copy of Gods Strength.png

Gods’ Strength: This ultimate gives Salus a boost to his Physical Attack and Attack Speed, but he is limited to using one type of attack (Swinging Blade) while the ultimate is activated. Enemy control abilities will affect Salus for a shorter period of time, although this benefit gradually wears off over the course of the ultimate.

Storm Hammer Text.png

Copy of Storm Hammer.png

Storm Hammer: Salus throws a hammer which stuns and deals physical damage to a target and several nearby enemies.

Swinging Blade Text.png

Copy of Swinging Blade.png

Swinging Blade: Salus swings his huge weapon, dealing damage to a target enemy as well as other units behind them. The damage is “splash damage”, which is for all practical purposes is identical to AOE damage but technically affects enemies sequentially rather than simultaneously.

Battle Cry Text.png

Copy of Battle Cry.png

Battle Cry: This active ability boosts his own Attack Speed and Physical Armor, as well as that of his teammates.


Salus is classified as a DPS hero because 3 out of 4 of his abilities deal significant damage. His max health is slightly low for a true tank, but he has sufficient physical and magic armor to still be effective on the front line. Salus most outstanding attribute is the ability to get attacks off very quickly, as both Gods’ Strength and Battle Cry boost his attack speed. While Gods’ Strength limits him to one type of attack, this isn’t really a drawback as that attack is very effective at dealing damage to multiple enemies. Despite having relatively simple abilities, Salus is a hero who should not be overlooked.

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