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New Hero - Adeline

Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:09 am

Adeline is a Front Line DPS hero who can inflict large amounts of Magic Damage, and cannot easily be restrained by control abilities. Adeline will be available through an Ancient Chest event starting Tuesday, August 29.


Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Breaking Free Text.png

Breaking Free.png

Breaking Free: Adeline breaks free of her strings and charges into the enemy party, delivering a series of melee attacks. Then she “self-destructs”, with the explosion dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. It’s important to note that after self-destructing, the pieces of Adeline will reassemble, and she can continue fighting, albeit with reduced health. If she is killed by an enemy’s attack while this ultimate is in progress, she will also immediately self-destruct, although the explosion deals reduced damage.

Magic Bolt Text.png

Magic Bolt.png

Magic Bolt: This is a single-target attack that deals magic damage to an enemy who is distant form Adeline. The greater the distance between them, the more effective this attack is. The attack also slows the affected enemy.

Song of Chaos Text.png

Song of Chaos.png

Song of Chaos: Adeline plays a tune on her reed-pipe which causes a distant enemy to take some damage and lose some energy, while Adeline gains both health and energy. For some time after the attack, whenever Adeline takes damage, some of it will be transferred to the enemy in the form of damage-over-time.

Spike Strip Text.png

Spike Strip.png

Spike Strip: This attack causes large spikes to come out of the ground near the back line of the enemy party. The spikes deal magic damage and stun enemies in the affected area.


Adeline is a specialized hero in that all of her abilities (besides her ultimate) are focused on dealing damage to the enemy back line. She can be a useful weapon against teams designed with dangerous DPS heroes in the rear shielded by powerful tanks up front. While her ultimate does not necessarily kill her, it should still be used with caution as she usually loses a significant amount of health while self-destructing. However, it can be extremely useful when used at the right moment, such as when finishing a battle.

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