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New Feature: Runestone System

Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:14 am

Runestone Introduction

In the most recent update, a new “Runestone” feature was added to Soul Hunters. Once you’ve completed chapter 16, any awakened hero can equip runestones to improve their stats. Let’s take a look at how this is done.

A “runes” button will appear in the hero interface once you’ve completed Chapter 16 and your hero is awakened. Tapping on the button, you’ll see that you can equip up to 3 runestones on the left.


Right now, you don’t have any runestones, so when you click on the empty slot, it will take you to the “Create Runestone” interface. Tap the plus sign to begin.


Now you need to choose which type of Runestone you want to create. On the right, you can see that there are three types of runestone: Sunstone, Moonstone, and Starstone. Each type has several possible stat increases that it can provide. You’ll also notice that the stones are categorized as Common, Rare, or Precious. Common provides the smallest stat boost while precious provides the greatest.



Here we’ve selected that we want to create a Common Sunstone. To create one, it will cost a certain amount of coins, as well as some Sunlight Essence. Each type of Runestone has a corresponding type of Essence which is used to create the stone. Essence can be earned in certain stages in Chapter 17, as well as through special events.


We’ve created a Common Sunstone that provides an increase to a hero’s Magic Attack. But let’s say we aren’t satisfied with this and we’d rather have a different stat boost. We can change the type of stat boost by Polishing the runestone. Choose the Anvil tab, then choose the stone you wish to polish.



Note that polishing costs either diamonds or coins. When you tap “Polish”, the stat bonus provided by the stone will randomly change to one of the other possible bonuses that this stone can provide. After polishing, this Common sunstone gives the hero a damage-over-time bonus.


If you are satisfied with this bonus, you can equip the runestone to the awakened hero of your choice, and the bonus will now apply to that hero. Note that you can repeat this process for various types of runestone, and your hero can equip up to 3 runestones.




The runestone system is a great way of customizing your heroes, as you can pick and choose which stats to increase. We hope that this new feature enriches the strategy of Soul Hunters, and provides more options to players who have awakened their heroes.

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