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New Hero - Magnus

Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:12 am

Magnus – Dwarven Sniper


Magnus is a Back Line DPS hero whose attacks can deal major single-target and AoE damage, as well as interrupting enemy abilities. He is available from the Conjuring Stone starting Sunday, July 16.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Sniper Threat Text.png

Sniper Threat.PNG

Sniper Threat: In this ultimate, Magnus targets a single enemy, and deals a large amount of Physical Damage with a single shot. The attack cannot be dodged and it is guaranteed to crit. If the shot kills the enemy, Magnus will run to a distant part of the battlefield where it will be more difficult for enemies to hit him, and he will regain some energy.

Headshot Text.png


Headshot: Similar in appearance to his basic attack, Magnus fires a shot which deals increased damage and stuns the affected enemy.

Grenade Launcher Text.png

Grenade Launcher.PNG

Grenade Launcher: Magnus launches a grenade towards the enemy party. The grenade explodes, dealing physical damage to multiple enemies as well as slowing them. Over time, the affected enemies will gradually recover their normal speed. This ability is automatically triggered once at the beginning of each wave, as well as being used relatively infrequently throughout the rest of the wave.

Hunter's Eye Text.png

Hunter's Eye.PNG

Hunter’s Eye: This ability allows Magnus’ shots to be more deadly when there are no enemies near to Magnus. He will have an increased Physical Pierce rating and his shots will deal additional damage when they crit. If he is kept safely in the back, far away from enemies, this ability should be in effect most of the time.


Magnus excels at dealing long-range damage. His most effective ability is “Grenade Launcher”, which immediately depletes the health of multiple enemies before each wave even begins. “Hunter’s eye” is also a useful ability as it makes all of his other abilities more effective as long as he keeps his distance from enemies. You’ll want to fuse Magnus to a high level immediately so you can unlock these two abilities. If you need a hero who can create a big impact from the back line, be sure to get Magnus as soon as possible.

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