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New Hero - Sarya

Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:56 am

Sarya – Fearless Raider


Sarya is a Middle Line DPS who can throw a deadly blade at enemies as well as summon beams of light which scorch enemies from above. She will be available through an Ancient Chest Event starting Monday, June 26, 2017.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Heaven's Wrath Text.png

Heaven's Wrath.PNG

Heaven’s Wrath: Sarya summons several beams of light that scorch enemies from above. The order in which they strike enemies is random. Although Sarya is a physical hero, these beams deal magic damage as well as interrupting any abilities the enemy units may be using.

Burning Beam Text.png

Burning Beam.PNG

Burning Beam: Similar to Heaven’s Wrath but on a smaller scale, Sarya summons a beam of light that deals magic damage to a single enemy. This beam also interrupts any ability the enemy is using.

Flying Knife Text.png

Flying Knife.PNG

Flying Knife: Sarya throws her circular blade into the enemy party. It then ricochets between enemy units, dealing physical damage every time it makes contact. It deals slightly less base damage with each ricochet. The amount of times it bounces depends on how many stars Sarya has.

War God's Blessing Text.png

War God’s Blessing: This Aura gives Sarya and all her allies an increase to their Physical Hit Bonus. A higher Physical Hit Bonus means that enemies are less likely to dodge their attacks. This ability is not visible in battle.


Sarya is an extremely powerful hero in terms of pure damage dealing ability. Although she is technically a physical hero, some of her attacks can also deal magic damage, so no type of enemy is safe. Sarya’s Star Rating is critical to the success of her attacks, particularly “Flying Knife”. That ability has a potential to be devastating to the entire enemy party when Sarya has 6 or 7 Stars. While every hero can be useful in the right circumstances, if you are looking for a hero that deals absurd amounts of damage, you can’t do better than Sarya (as long as she’s promoted to a high Star-level).

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