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New Hero - Tsuki

Thu May 25, 2017 12:11 pm

Tsuki – Moon Diviner


Tsuki is a Middle Line Magic DPS hero whose abilities can have different effects depending on the phase of the moon. You can get Tsuki in the special hero event starting after completion of the update on Thursday, May 25.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Lunar Power Text.png

Lunar Power (New Moon).PNG

The effects are different if there’s a new moon. All enemies will take damage over time, but the enemy with the lowest health will take more than the others. He will continue to take damage until he is killed or he is no longer the unit with the lowest health. This can continue for up to 20 seconds.

Lunar Power (Full Moon).PNG

Lunar Power: This ultimate has two possible effects depending on the phase of the moon, which is shown directly above Tsuki’s avatar. When you trigger his ultimate, the frame of his avatar will turn green, and the moon’s phase will begin to change. You can choose the effect the ultimate has by tapping again when the moon is either “full” or “new”
If the moon is full, a shield forms around Tsuki which deflects a portion of incoming damage back at the enemy. If the enemy deals physical damage to any allied hero, they will be disarmed. If they deal magic damage, they will be silenced.

Cherry Branch Text.png

Cherry Branch.PNG

Cherry Branch: Using his cherry branch, Tsuki shoots three projectiles at a single enemy. The projectiles deal magic damage. If the first one or two shots kill the enemy, the remaining shots may hit another enemy. This ability also speeds up the moon’s change of phase if it is currently shifting from “full” to “new”.

Moonshadow Text.png


Moonshadow: Tsuki casts a spell that deals magic damage to all enemies and paralyzes them. However, the units closest to Tsuki will be paralyzed for a longer time. This ability also speeds up the moon’s change of phase if it is currently shifting from “new” to “full”.

Cubic Shield Text.png

Cubic Shield.PNG

Cubic Shield: This ability also depends on the phase of the moon. If the moon is changing from “full” to “new”, Tsuki gets the “cherry blossom shield”, which blocks a certain amount of damage, and when it is finally broken deflects part of the damage back at the enemy. If the phase is changing from “new” to “full”, Tsuki gets the “shadow shield”, which also blocks damage, and reduces the amount of damage taken from the final blow that breaks the shield. Regardless of which type of shield is summoned, it will increase Tsuki’s physical armor.


Tsuki is a DPS hero with strong defensive tendencies. Both his ultimate and 4th ability have the potential to block damage and deflect it back at the enemy. While his Max Health isn’t outstanding, his Magic Armor is above average, and these defensive abilities will help him survive longer into battles. He also has control abilities which can paralyze, disarm, or silence enemies, not to mention his potential to deal AOE or single target damage. The dependency of his abilities on moon phases also gives his attacks a measure of unpredictability, making them harder to counter.

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