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Arena Highlights - Video Event

Fri May 19, 2017 11:57 am

Hello Hunters,

Many of you like to share nice arena battles with your guild-mates and friends, how about sharing them with us for a chance of winning 1000 diamonds?

Did you just have a battle you won in the last second? Have you defeated somebody much stronger than you? Did a hero ultimate just change the outcome of the whole battle and helped you win it? Did you use some interesting strategy to win a battle?

Time to record your Arena battle and upload it to youtube! We will pick the best 5 videos that will be posted on our Official Facebook Page.

1 - Videos should be uploaded to Youtube with the subject: Soul Hunters - Arena Highlights (Player Name)
2 - There is no deadline for the videos but we will pick the first 5 before next Wednesday (24/05 05AM PDT) so if you upload a video after that you will have to wait for the next time we do the event for a chance of having your video selected.
3 - Depending on the amount of submissions we might do more videos, each video having 5 winners that will get 1000 diamonds.
4 - Players will only get rewarded if their videos get selected and after their videos are posted on Facebook.
5 - The Soul Hunters team will download the videos from youtube and edit them together to be posted on Facebook.
6 - More than one submission per player is accepted.
7 - Remember to write your player ID and server in the video description.

Good luck!

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