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New Hero - Vulko

Sun May 14, 2017 5:22 pm

Vulko – Invisible Threat


Vulko is a front-line DPS hero who has the power to become invisible and ambush enemies. He will be available from the Conjuring Stone starting Sunday, May 14th, 2017.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Art of the Kill Text.png

Art of the Kill.PNG

Art of the Kill: This powerful ultimate starts with Vulko silencing enemies that are in range. Then he unleashes an attack which deals physical damage to multiple enemies from a distance.

Concealed Threat Text.png

Concealed Threat.png

Concealed Threat: Vulko becomes temporarily invisible to enemies, making him impossible to hit with attacks. While invisible, his Physical Attack rating is also boosted.

Bloodbath Text.png


Bloodbath: Vulko often attacks his enemies from behind, especially when Deceptive Strike is unlocked. Bloodbath gives these attacks additional physical damage. The second time he attacks any given enemy from behind, even more damage is dealt and Vulko gets a boost to his Physical Attack rating.

Deceptive Strike Text.png

Deceptive Strike.PNG

Deceptive Strike: This ability simply allows Vulko to teleport to the rear of an enemy unit, where he uses his knife to inflict physical damage to a single victim.


Vulko’s attacks tend to be straightforward single-target physical attacks. But his ultimate can also be devastating to the entire enemy party. Vulko’s greatest weakness is his defensive stats. His Max Health is quite low, and his armor is also below average. But while invisible, the enemy cannot hit him, so Vulko can generally survive long enough to deal a lot of damage.

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