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New Feature - Tower of Valor

Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:27 am

Tower of Valor

The Tower of Valor is a brand new feature available in Soul Hunters, available starting this Friday 28th. In this game mode, you work your way up a tower defended by enemy parties on every floor.


The Tower of Valor is only available during special two-week long events, and is only open to players at Party Level 40 and above. During the event, the goal is to get as far up the tower as you can. As you proceed up the tower, your opposition will become tougher and tougher. Players who reach the top of the tower (by completing Level 36) will receive a special prize. Once the two-week period is over, your progress up the tower will not be carried over to the next Tower event.

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After completing each level of the tower, you will be able to open a chest and claim a reward. The trade-off is that you also have to “sacrifice” one of your heroes after each level, and they may not be used in the next level. The exception to this is Level 18; after completing this level you will not need to sacrifice a hero, and all the heroes you previously sacrificed will be returned to you. But at all subsequent levels, you will once again need to sacrifice a hero.


Similar to the Crucible of Fire, the parties defending each stage in the Tower of Valor are defensive parties of players in the Arena and Epic Arena. These players may be from any server. But a key difference from the Crucible of Fire is that all of your heroes will begin the battles with full health and zero energy, resetting after each battle.


Because you are forced to sacrifice a hero after each level, you won’t be able to stick with the same formation of heroes each time. For this game mode, you’ll want to have plenty of strong heroes to choose from, and you’ll need to combine them creatively to make effective teams, even when your usual favorite combinations are unavailable to you.

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