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New Hero - Tut

Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:33 am

Tut – Divine Pharaoh


Tut is a middle line DPS hero who can put a curse on enemies that makes them pay a price for using their Ultimate.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Scarab Curse Text.png

Scarab Curse.PNG

Scarab Curse: Tut puts the curse of the Scarab on a single enemy, causing them to suffer Magic Damage and be lifted when they use their Ultimate. Using their Ultimate will also cause nearby units to develop a secondary infection if they are infected with Pharaoh’s Plague (see below). When you are fighting manually, you can choose the enemy on which to place the curse by tapping Tut’s avatar when the desired enemy’s image appears in its place. When using auto-battle, the curse will be placed on the enemy with the highest energy. In either case, the enemy will not know that one of their units has been cursed. The curse lasts as long as the scarab beetle is crawling on the battlefield.

Pharaoh's Plague Text.png

Pharaoh's Plague.PNG

Pharaoh’s Plague: A plague is released on enemies within a large range, dealing initial magic damage. Affected enemies that were not already infected will then take damage-over-time. Meanwhile, enemies that were already infected have a chance of developing a “secondary infection”, which lowers their Physical Armor, Magic Armor, or Energy Bonus. This secondary infection also has a chance of spreading to another enemy unit if the nearby unit has lower Magic Armor than the one initially infected.

Mummify Text.png


Mummify: An enemy is imprisoned in a sarcophagus for several seconds, before emerging with a duplicate unit which is identical in appearance. The enemy unit will then focus all their attacks on their duplicate until it is destroyed. Duplicates of bosses will not be summoned.

Pyramid Shield Text.png

Pyramid Shield.PNG

Pyramid Shield: Tut places two pyramids on the battlefield, and between them a forcefield is formed. Enemies that get close to the forcefield will be knocked back and will lose energy.


Tut’s outstanding ability is Scarab Curse, as it makes enemies pay a serious price for using their ultimate at the wrong moment. In the Arena, for instance, the curse will be placed on the unit with the highest energy, who is likely to automatically release their ultimate shortly after- with disastrous consequences. Meanwhile Pharaoh’s Plague is an attack that can cripple a large part of the enemy party, and has secondary effects as the battle goes on. Finally, while Pyramid Shield does not deal damage, it does keep enemies at a distance while depleting their energy. Tut has a strong arsenal of abilities and can be an effective damage dealer worth having on your team.

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