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Prince of Persia - King of Blades

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The Prince of Persia is a Front Line DPS hero with combo attacks that can freeze enemies in space and time. The Prince will be available in the King of Blades event starting Friday, March 10, 2017.

Hero Stats

Hero Abilities

Sandstorm: The Prince of Persia releases several bursts of the “Sands of Time”, which freezes enemies and deals magic damage. Once frozen, if enemies take damage equivalent to 70% of their current health, they will die instantly. Abilities that would normally be triggered upon their death will not be activated. While frozen enemies are taking damage or being killed, the Prince will boost his own energy level.

Sandstorm Text.jpg


Combo Strike: This attack has multiple varieties depending on the situation the Prince is in. For instance, when he is surrounded by enemies, the combo will be different than when he is adjacent to the edge of the battlefield (as shown in the screenshot below). However, each combo ends with the same slashing attack, which deals a significant amount of damage as well as potentially freezing the enemy it hits.

Combo Strike Text.jpg

Combo Strike_meitu_6.jpg

Flanking Attack: The Prince wall-runs to get to the weakest enemy unit, and then attacks him/her with knives. This attack depletes 15% of the target’s max health under normal circumstances, and is unaffected by armor. If the enemy is already frozen in time when this attack is delivered, the damage dealt is increased to 25%. The maximum amount of damage this ability can deal is determined by the ability level.

Flanking Attack Text.jpg

Flanking Attack.png

Tuck and Roll: Unlike most other abilities in Soul Hunters, the player can decide the timing and direction in which the Prince rolls. Whenever the Prince has sufficient energy, you can tap the screen and he will roll towards the side of the screen you tap (when auto-battle is not activated). Besides being a good way to reposition the hero and evade danger, the Prince also has a very high dodge rating while rolling. In addition, after using this ability, the damage done the next time he uses Combo Strike will be increased.

Tuck and Roll Text.jpg

Tuck and Roll.png


Whether he is dealing combo attacks or ducking and rolling out of harm’s way, the Prince is constantly in motion. This gives him the advantage of being able to hit enemy mid- and back-line units while avoiding many attacks directed towards him. Once you unlock Tuck and Roll, you’ll be able to play a more active role in deciding where the prince goes, a feature unique to this hero. Especially with his high Max Health and Armor, the Prince of Persia is a true offensive threat.

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