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Daphne – Gifted Dancer

Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:09 pm


Daphne is a Middle Line DPS hero who can drop her allies into the middle of the enemy formation with enhanced armor. She will be available during the “Daphne’s Ancient Chest” event starting on Tuesday, March 7th.

Hero Stats

Hero Abilities

Broken Heart: Daphne throws a heart which may hit multiple enemy units. Units struck by the heart may be charmed (depending on unit level and ability level). Then when the heart breaks into pieces, they will suffer reduced magic and physical attack.
Broken Heart Text.png

Broken Heart.PNG

Cheerleader: At the beginning of each wave, Daphne does a dance which encourages all allied units (including Daphne herself), giving them increased physical and magic armor. At the same time, the entire enemy party suffers reduced attack speed.
Cheerleader Text.png


Aerial Drop: Daphne first boosts the magic and physical armor of an allied hero, and then drops them into the middle of the enemy party. After several seconds, she pulls them back to safety. If there are any enemy units adjacent to Daphne as she is using this ability, they will have their attacks interrupted and they will be knocked backwards.
Aerial Drop Text.png

Aerial Drop_meitu_1.jpg

Shockwave Kick: Daphne jumps into the enemy party and delivers a series of kicks, each with slightly different effects. The first kick affects a single target, dealing magic damage and petrifying them (similar to freezing them). The second kick deals AOE magic damage within a small area. The third and final kick results in a shockwave that deals damage to enemies over a longer range.
Shockwave Kick Text.png

Shockwave Kick.PNG


Daphne is a support hero who weakens and interrupts enemy heroes while boosting her allies’ armor. Her 3rd and 4th abilities allow her to play more of an offensive role, dropping allies into the enemy party and delivering a series of kicks that deal magic damage, respectively. She is fairly durable for a support hero, with decent Max Health and good Magic Armor. If you need a support hero that can work with any type of team and won’t die early in the battle, Daphne is an excellent choice

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