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Nilya - Frozen Sorceress

Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:49 am

Nilya: Frozen Sorceress


Nilya is a middle line hybrid hero who uses her ice magic to slow, freeze, and deal damage to enemies. Nilya will be available as the login hero for March, starting on Wednesday, March 1st.

Hero Stats

Hero Abilities

Glacial Spikes Text.png

Glacial Spikes.PNG

Glacial Spikes: Nilya throws several ice spikes which deal magic damage to enemies they hit. The spikes deal double damage to enemies who were already frozen, have a chance to freeze enemies who were already slowed, and may slow other targets. The chance of successfully freezing and slowing enemies depends on the ability level.

Ice Snare Text.png

Ice Snare.PNG

Ice Snare: Nilya surrounds an enemy with spikes of ice, first slowing them for several seconds, then freezing them in a tomb of ice. The chance of successfully slowing and freezing the enemy depends on the ability level.

Frozen Blast Text.png

Frozen Blast.PNG

Frozen Blast: Nilya throws a huge spear of ice which deals magic damage to multiple enemies. Like Nilya’s other abilities, it has a slowing effect.

Will of Frost Text.png

Will of Frost: This passive ability provides Nilya with a permanent boost to her Magic Attack. Like all passive abilities, it is not visible in battle.


Nilya’s abilities provide a simple but effective mix of AOE magic damage and control spells that slow down the enemy or freeze them in place. She is listed as a hybrid because her control and damage dealing abilities are well balanced. In terms of stats, strong points include Magic attack and Pierce rating, while Health Recovery and Physical Armor are relatively weak. Try pairing Nilya with another hero that excels at slowing and freezing enemies to most effectively prevent your opposition from getting off attacks.

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