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New Hero - Desmond

Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:25 am

Desmond – Bionic Bat


Desmond is a DPS hero who can use his flamethrower to scorch the enemy party. He will be available in the Conjuring Stone starting Sunday, February 19.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Fireball Volley Text.png

Fireball Volley.PNG

Fireball Volley: Desmond flies above the heads of the enemy party on his hoverboard while tossing down fireballs that deal physical damage. While flying back to his side of the battlefield, the outline of Desmond’s avatar will turn green, meaning that you can tap it to trigger a secondary effect. When it is triggered, Desmond will shoot a beam that can drag an enemy to the front of the formation and stun them. If you do not actively trigger the secondary effect, it will automatically activate when the ultimate is nearing its end.

Flamethrower Text.png


Flamethrower: Desmond shoots a huge green flame out of his flamethrower, dealing AOE magic damage over a large area.

Oil Drum Text.png

Oil Drum.PNG

Oil Drum: Desmond throws a barrel of oil at the enemy party, spilling oil over units within a large area. This oil makes them take additional damage-over-time when they are struck by Desmond’s other attacks (indicated by green flames at their feet). If an enemy is covered in oil multiple times, the effects are cumulative.

Remote Detonation Text.png

Remote Detonation.PNG

Remote Detonation: Desmond flies a remote control bomb into the middle of the enemy formation, with the explosion dealing AOE magic damage and knocking enemy units out of position. The blast also interrupts abilities that opposing heroes are currently using.


Able to fly over the enemy formation and deal severe AOE magic damage, Desmond is the latest offensive threat in Soul Hunters. As he uses Oil Drum multiple times per wave, enemies will become more and more susceptible to his other attacks. In addition, Fireball Volley and Remote Detonation can knock heroes out of position. Desmond doesn’t have a high Max Health and has worse than average Physical Armor, so you’ll want to pair him with other heroes that are more adept at absorbing damage. But as a purely offensive weapon, Desmond is hard to beat.

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