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Goram - Chaos Rider

Sun Jan 22, 2017 11:04 am


Goram is a Front Line DPS hero who unleashes attacks with devastating results! Goram is available in the Conjuring Stone starting Sunday, January 22, 2017.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Distorting Blow text.png

Distorting Blow.PNG

Distorting Blow: Goram deals a powerful blow that affects the entire enemy party, with physical damage randomly distributed among enemy units. In addition, one random enemy unit takes a large amount of “aftershock” physical damage after the initial attack is complete.

Allies of Chaos text.png

Allies of Chaos.PNG

Allies of Chaos: Goram summons 3 illusionary units that look similar to Goram himself. These units use Goram’s basic attack against enemies, while also being buffed by his 3rd ability (Entropy) and his Awakening ability (Divine Shield) if they are unlocked.

Entropy: This passive ability increases Goram’s Physical Crit Rating, making his attacks more likely to crit. It also allows his attacks to deal additional damage when they do crit. Finally, this ability gives all of his other attacks a chance to reduce enemy Physical Armor.

Winds of Fate text.png

Winds of Fate.PNG

Winds of Fate: Goram throws a fireball at a random enemy, dealing physical damage and stunning them. The exact amount of damage and time spent stunned is randomly determined within certain limits.


Goram is a front line hero who can survive intense physical attacks as well as deal massive amount of damage himself. While classified as a DPS hero, Goram has very high Max Health and Physical Armor ratings, making him a capable tank as well. His 3rd ability, Entropy, is particularly dangerous to enemies; it increases his Crit rating at the same time as reducing enemy armor. Add to that an Ultimate that can decimate an enemy party in seconds, and Goram can truly be described as a must-have hero.

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