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Tashi – Warrior Monk

Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:30 am


Tashi is a Front Line DPS who can enter a state of God-like focus. While in this state, his attacks deal huge damage and are almost unstoppable. Tashi will be available as the login hero for January 2017, starting Jan 2nd.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Fist of Devastation: Like all of Tashi’s abilities, his ultimate has two possible forms, depending on whether he is in a state of God-like focus (see 4th ability). In its basic form, Fist of Devastation delivers a quick series of blows to the weakest enemy on the battlefield, dealing Physical Damage. When in a state of God-like focus, this ultimate is a single punch that deals enormous damage as well as reducing the target’s energy, health recovery, and movement speed. The punch is actually an AOE attack while he is in this state, as enemies behind the target also take physical damage and are knocked back.

Fist of Devastation Text.png

Fist of Devastation.PNG

Soaring Dragon: Ordinarily, this attack is a kick combo which deals physical damage to a single target. When God-like focus is activated, he will deliver a blow at the end of the combo which shakes the ground and deals AOE damage and stunning multiple enemies.

Soaring Dragon Text.png

Soaring Dragon.PNG

Palm of Fury: Normally this open-palmed strike deals some physical damage and pushes the target back a short distance. When God-like focus is activated, the target will be knocked back all the way to the edge of the battlefield, and the impact will cause AOE damage for nearby heroes.

Palm of Fury Text.png

Palm of Fury.PNG

Intense Focus: This ability allows for the God-like focus status which strengthens all of Tashi’s other abilities. Every few seconds that Tashi is idle, he will build up a layer of focus, indicated by a flame above his head. Each layer reduces damage Tashi takes by 3% and boosts his Physical Attack. Once has at least 3 layers (he can have a maximum of 5), he may enter a state of God-like focus. Activating God-like focus uses up 3 layers. Regardless of the number of layers of focus, using Tashi’s ultimate eliminates them all. In addition, if he is knocked back all layers of focus will disappear.

Intense Focus Text.png

Intense Focus.PNG


Tashi is purely a physical DPS hero, but he has some special characteristics. It’s critical to unlock his 4th ability, as that allows his other abilities to become orders of magnitude more powerful. While his base abilities tend to be single target attacks, they all become AOE attacks when in a state of God-like focus. This flexibility makes it difficult to counter Tashi. But you’ll want to keep him protected from getting knocked back by enemies, as this eliminates his focus and removes the benefits that his 4th ability has the potential to deliver.

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