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New Feature - Heroes' Village

Wed Nov 23, 2016 12:09 pm

After today’s update, a brand new feature is coming to Soul Hunters! The Heroes’ Village provides many ways to make your team stronger, from increasing the stats of your heroes to crafting items directly from resources. The Heroes Village is available to players at Level 85 and up. Let’s take a closer look at each of the 3 functions of the Heroes’ Village.


Heroic Academy

Academy 1.png

The core function of the Heroic Academy is to let your heroes study “Skills” that will allow them to increase their stats. Each Hero has two “talents”, which are sets of skills that they may study. Start by choosing one of the “basic” level skills, and tapping “Study”, which will level-up this skill to level 1. You’ll see that one of the stats of this hero is increased. Each time you level up a skill, it will cost a certain amount of resources (Wood, Iron, Crystals, and Gold). These resources can be acquired in a number of different ways, which will be discussed later.

Academy 3.png

Once one of the basic skills is leveled-up to level 5, you may proceed to a next-level skill, in this case intermediate level. Learning this skill will increase a different stat. You may choose either one of the skills at any skill level, and you may switch between them at any time. But be aware that if you switch to a different skill, your progress on the original skill will be lost.

Academy Upgrade.png

Leveling up the Heroic Academy is also important, as it raises the level cap for the other two features in the Heroes Village, the Furnace and the Workshop. Upgrading takes some time, but you can spend diamonds to finish upgrading instantly.


Workshop 1.png

The workshop is where you can use resources to craft Items. You’ll see that a variety of items are available to craft when the Workshop is at level 1. Each item requires a different amount of resources and varying amount of time to craft. The crafting process cannot be hurried. If you cancel crafting an item before it is complete, some resources will be returned to you based on the progress in crafting the item.

Workshop Upgrade.png

Leveling up the workshop has two main benefits. First, it reduces crafting time for all items. Second, it makes more items available to craft. Like the Academy, upgrading the Workshop can be hurried by spending a certain amount of Diamonds.


Furnace 1.png

The Furnace is one place you can earn resources to be used in the Academy and Workshop. The basic function of the furnace is melting-down unwanted Soulstones and equipment to produce resources. Each item will give a different amount of resources when melted down. Typically, melting down Soulstones gives you crystals, while melting down equipment gives you a combination of Iron, Wood, and Crystals.
Melting down items requires yet another resource called Fuel. Fuel automatically replenishes over time. Upgrading the Furnace reduces the amount of Fuel required to melt down items, as well as increasing the max amount of fuel you can have. Upgrading also increases the variety of items that are available to melt down.

Furnace Upgrade.png

Note that the furnace is not the only way to acquire Wood, Iron, and Crystals. For players at level 85 and above, these items will now drop in the Bountiful Caverns, and can be purchased from the Trader and other in-game shops like the Crucible Supply Wagon.

A note on stats:

You might notice that several of the stats that can be boosted in the Heroic Academy look unfamiliar. This is because these stats weren’t previously displayed in Soul Hunters. Here’s a brief explanation of each of the new Hero Stats.

Physical Toughness: Reduces the amount of damage taken from Physical Critical Hits
Magic Toughness: Reduces the amount of damage taken from Magic Critical Hits
Physical Resistance: Reduces the amount of Physical Damage taken in general
Magic Resistance: Reduces the amount of Magic Damage taken in general
Healing Ratio: Increases the effect of healing upon this hero
Spell Recovery Time:The amount of time that this hero is affected by control abilities (This concept did previously exist in Soul Hunters)
Hit Recovery: Chance of resisting a subtle, instantaneous stun effect when hit by attacks. This stun effect is not the same as the more pronounced stun effect which is the result of some abilities.
Physical Crit Damage: Increase the damage done by this hero’s physical attacks that crit
Magic Crit Damage: Increase the damage done by this hero’s magic attacks that crit
Energy Bonus: Affects the the hero’s energy growth
Kill Bonus Resistance: When this hero is killed, reduces the chance that the hero who killed him/her will get an energy boost
Summoning: Increases the stats of units summoned by this hero

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