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New Hero - Solomon

Sun Nov 20, 2016 5:57 pm

Solomon – Renowned Illusionist


Solomon is a Back Line DPS hero who can turn enemy heroes into weak minions that can deal little damage. Solomon will be available in the Conjuring Stone starting Sunday, Nov. 20th.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Spotlight Text.png


Spotlight (Ultimate): A spotlight shines down on Solomon as well as a random enemy. Then the enemy is temporarily turned into a weak minion. The enemy will eventually revert to their original appearance, but the percentage of health lost will remain even once the enemy reverts. Note that this ability will not work against bosses (both bosses in regular stages and dungeon bosses).

Enigma Box Text.png

Enigma Box.PNG

Enigma Box: Solomon summons a mysterious box which appears in a random location near the enemy party. If an enemy strikes the box with any kind of attack, the box will explode, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. If the box is not hit, a dove will fly out of the box and buff Solomon or one of his teammates twice. The dove increases the teammate’s health, as well as boosting their magic and physical attacks.

Flaming Cap Text.png

Flaming Cap.PNG

Flaming Cap: Solomon lights his top hat on fire and throws it into the enemy party, dealing AOE magic damage.

Blinding Light Text.png

Blinding Light.PNG

Blinding Light: Solomon uses his magic wand to shoot a beam of light at a single enemy. The light blinds the enemy as well as dealing magic damage.


Solomon’s outstanding ability is his ultimate, which can make any non-boss enemy unit weak and ineffective at dealing damage for a short period. If Solomon’s party can hit that unit with a significant attack during that period, it will likely be eliminated from the battlefield. As usual for a back-line hero, Solomon’s greatest weakness is his low max health, so it’s important to keep him well protected. If you need another magic weapon in your back line, Solomon will be an excellent choice.

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