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New Hero - Avior

Fri Oct 14, 2016 12:07 pm

Avior – Dark Guardian


Avior is a Middle Line DPS hero who can use his Ultimate to absorb damage that would have been taken by his teammates. He is available as a purchase bonus starting Thursday, Oct. 13th.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Dark Guardian Text.png

Dark Guardian.PNG

Dark Guardian:Avior provides protection to friendly heroes by taking the damage directed at his teammates for a short period. When the ultimate ends, he deflects some of the damage back at his enemies. The amount of damage dealt depends both on the ability level (which determines the base deflection damage) and the amount of damage that Avior absorbs over the course of the ultimate. Avior can’t be killed when using this ultimate; if he is hit with what would normally be fatal amount of damage, the damage will be blocked and immediately deflected back at an enemy.

Aerial Ally Text.png

Aerial Ally.PNG

Aerial Ally: Avior summons a small dragon which flies above the enemy back line and deals magic damage to enemies, also interrupting their abilities. After several seconds, the small dragon will explode, dealing AOE damage over a small range.

Ghosts of the Fallen Text.png

Ghosts of the Fallen.PNG

Ghosts of the Fallen: This ability strengthens Avior’s basic attack based on the amount of damage taken by all heroes on the battlefield. Whenever an enemy or friendly hero takes a significant amount of damage, Avior’s basic attack will be upgraded to a new tier. The first tier transforms his basic attacks from physical to magic. The second tier causes his basic attacks to deal additional damage and increases his attack speed. The third tier allows them to shoot two projectiles instead of just one. The tier is indicated by the roman numerals above Avior’s head.

Dragonscale Armor Text.png

Dragonscale Armor.PNG

Dragonscale Armor: This passive ability increases Avior’s physical and magic armor. He starts with one layer of dragonscale armor, but he gradually grows up to 3 additional layers over time. Each layer can take up to 4 hits before breaking. The layers will also regrow after being destroyed.


Avior is a hero that gets progressively stronger as the battle goes on. As other heroes take damage, Avior’s basic attack becomes more dangerous through Ghosts of the Fallen. Meanwhile his armor increases overtime through Dragonscale Armor. And once he has full energy, he can use his Ultimate which deals a lot of damage, especially if he is facing enemies with high DPS. If you’re facing an enemy party that seems tough to beat, Avior might be your best answer. Take advantage of the purchase bonus and get Avior while you can!

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