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October Login Hero - Zem

Sat Oct 08, 2016 3:51 am

Zem – Zombie Emperor


Zem is a tank who can summon an army of zombie followers to support him in battle. He will be available as the login hero for October starting Sunday, Oct. 2nd.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Undead Power Text.png

Undead Power.PNG

Undead Power: Zem transforms his appearance and grows in size, while temporarily increasing his magic and physical armor. At the moment of his transformation, he also casts a spell which deals magic damage to nearby enemies. While in this transformed state, Zem’s energy is rapidly depleted, when it reaches zero he will revert to his initial state. Zem may use this ultimate before his energy is at 100%, but starting out with less than 100% energy means he will run out even faster.

Risen from the Tomb text.png

Risen from the Tomb.PNG

Risen from the Tomb: Zem plants a large gravestone on the battlefield near his team’s back line. This gravestone periodically summons a zombie minion which can attack the enemy party. Both the gravestone and the zombies it summons have a fixed amount of health. The gravestone takes one point of damage every time it summons a zombie. The zombies themselves can’t be targeted by enemy attacks but can take AOE damage. These zombies become stronger every time they attack an enemy, getting a boost in attack speed and movement speed.

Grasp of the Dead Text.png

Grasp of the Dead.PNG

Grasp of the Dead: Zem summons an undead spirit to reach up from the earth and deal damage to enemies within range. A percentage of the damage dealt by this attack is transformed into a health gain for Zem as well as for the zombies he has summoned. Leveling up can increase the lifesteal percentage for this ability.

Zombie Army Text.png

Zombie Army.PNG

Zombie Army: Once this ability is unlocked, Zem is able to summon a zombie minion every time he takes a significant amount of damage. Every zombie on the battlefield will buff Zem’s Physical and Magic Armor. Additionally, whenever a zombie dies, Zem will gain some health and energy.


Zem relies on building an army of minions in order to survive on the front-line. The zombies can not only overwhelm the enemy party in sheer numbers, but they are difficult to kill, except by AOE-focused heroes. Zem is able to summon more zombies once his 4th ability is unlocked, and the zombies become more beneficial to Zem himself at that point. Against certain enemy parties, Zem will be an excellent choice of tank.

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