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New Hero - Malrath

Mon Sep 19, 2016 10:59 am


Malrath is a Front Line Tank who uses multiple lifesteal abilities to stay alive while weakening the enemy party. Malrath is available in the Conjuring Stone as of Sunday, September 18th.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Blood Harvest text.png

Blood Harvest.PNG

Blood Harvest: In this ultimate, Malrath unleashes a burst of energy which does a huge amount of damage to the entire enemy party. Additionally, all affected enemy units will be put in a weakened state, which is represented a by a dripping blood animation. While in this state, if the enemy moves forward or backward in any way (including being knocked-back), they will take damage based on the distance they travel. Finally, weakened enemy units will have their lifesteal temporarily reduced.

Scavenger text.png


Scavenger: Malrath feasts on his fallen enemies, taking percentage of the fallen unit’s health. He gets more health from enemy heroes than from enemy summoned units. If the enemy unit was killed by Malrath, the amount of health he gains is doubled.

Thirst for Blood text.png

Thirst for Blood.PNG

Thirst for Blood: This single target attack deals physical damage which cannot be blocked, as well as interrupting any abilities the enemy unit is currently using. In addition, a percentage of the health lost by the enemy during this attack becomes a health gain for Malrath. Both the amount of damage dealt and the percentage returned as health can be increased by upgrading this ability.

Relentless Assault text.png

Relentless Assault.PNG

Relentless Assault: Malrath senses which enemy unit has the lowest health, and continuously targets them with his attacks until the unit dies or Malrath himself dies. While attacking this enemy, Malrath has increased Physical Attack and Attack Speed, but he will also be more vulnerable to enemy attacks. Initially, Malrath will take an extra 30% damage, although this percentage can be gradually reduced by upgrading the ability.


Malrath is a tank, who like Vincent, survives primarily through lifesteal abilities. But unlike Vincent, he also has outstanding offensive abilities which deal large amounts of damage, debuff enemy units, and interrupt enemy attacks. Malrath is one of the few heroes with attacks that cannot be blocked. His ultimate is particularly devastating, even enemies who survive the initial blast are severely weakened. Due to his lifesteal abilities as well as his end-of-wave health recovery bonus, it will be difficult to eliminate Malrath from the battlefield, and he is an ideal Physical Tank for many situations.

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