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New Hero - Li Twins

Sat Jun 18, 2016 5:26 pm

Li Twins – Masters of Fate


The Li Twins are all-new DPS/Support heroes who can simultaneously deal damage to enemies and heal teammates. They will be available starting Sunday June 19th in the Conjuring Stone.

Hero Stats


Hero Abilities

Separation Text.png


Separation: The Li Twins normally fight together as a single unit, sharing HP. However, when they use this ultimate, they will separate into two units, each with their own health. When separated, they also use their abilities more quickly than when they are fighting together. When both separated twins have their health reduced to zero, they do not die, instead they merge into a single hero again, now having the same amount of health remaining that they had before they separated. They also re-merge into a single hero if they reach the end of a wave. This ultimate cannot be used when the heroes are already separated, even if they have full energy.

Light and Darkness Text.png

Light and Darkness.PNG

Light and Darkness: This ability strikes a single enemy multiple times in rapid succession, dealing magic damage and knocking them back. At the same time, the ability restores some health of a teammate (or themselves) several times over a few seconds.

Dual Magic Text.png

Dual Magic.PNG

Dual Magic: Similar to Light and Darkness, which is simply a succession of quick, single strikes, Dual Magic deals both initial Magic Damage and damage-over-time for 6 seconds. Similarly, it has a “healing-over-time” effect on a teammate (or the Li Twins themselves) over the 6 second period.

Test of Purity Text.png

Test of Purity.PNG

Test of Purity: This combined buff/debuff focuses on a single enemy and a single ally. The ally enjoys a temporary increase to their magic and physical attack, while the enemy unit suffers a temporary reduction to their magic and physical attack. This ability also deals a small amount of damage to that enemy unit.

Divine Talent Text.png

Divine Talent: This ability can be unlocked by completing the Hero Awakening quest for the Li Twins. Divine Talent increases the effectiveness of the Twins’ other abilities. In addition, every 4th time they use an ability, it will affect an additional enemy.

Initial Ability Sequence:

Basic Attack, Light and Darkness, Dual Magic, Test of Purity


With the twins’ uniquely powerful ultimate, they can unquestionably dominate the battlefield. They essentially form two heroes out of one, and the original is in no danger of losing health. However, the separated twins effectiveness depends on ability level, so be sure to level up Separation as soon as possible.
Besides their ultimate, the twins pose a threat by being effective as both a healer and damage dealer at the same time. You definitely won’t want to miss your chance to get the twins from the conjuring stone!

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