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New Feature - Mystic Ruins

Thu Jun 16, 2016 12:10 pm

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The Mystic Ruins is a brand new feature coming to Soul Hunters on June 16! The ruins may randomly appear after completing any stage if you are a guild member and at Team Level 40 or above. Once they appear, the Mystic Ruins will only be available for 12 hours before disappearing.


Within the Mystic Ruins are three teams of Mystic Guardians. If you can defeat one or more of these teams, you’ll recover treasure which may include rare Fragments and Soulstones.

Treasure 2.png

When you choose a guardian team to fight, you’ll see a notification that you may only fight against one of the three guardian teams. Once you defeat one of the guardian teams, you won’t be able to fight against the other two yourself; you’ll have to invite a guildmate to assist you. But if you lose, you’ll be able to fight against any of the guardian teams until you defeat one.


When you invite a guildmate, and they defeat one of the remaining guardian teams, you will be able to open a treasure chest and earn items. The assisting guildmate will also receive treasure if this is his or her first assist of the day (of any player). You’ll also both get Cooperation Points, which are just an indication of how often you cooperate with your guildmates. You will be able to see the results of battles fought by both you and your guildmates by clicking the “View Results” button on the Mystic Ruins main screen.

Invite Guildmates.png

Once all three guardian teams are defeated, the Mystic Ruins will disappear automatically. Make sure to click the “Rules” button for a full list of rules and details about this feature. We hope you enjoy teaming up with your guildmates to earn great loot!

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