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Christmas Purchase Bonus – Arcturus

Wed Dec 23, 2015 12:32 pm

Dec. 24th 5:00 am ~ Dec. 27th 4:59 am PST

During the event, buy Diamonds and get Arcturus, an All-New Hero available for a limited time .

Spend $29.99 or more on Diamonds and get 5 Diamond Chest Tickets;
Spend $99.99 or more on Diamonds and get Arcturus (3-star Back Line DPS) and 50 EXP Mozarella;
Spend $299.99 or more on Diamonds and get an additional 100 Arcturus Soulstones and 100 EXP Mozarella.

1.You may only receive the bonus once during the event.
2.You can claim the bonus directly from the Event Screen.
3.After purchasing you must claim your rewards from the Event Screen before the event time expires.
4.Before purchasing it is advised to restart Soul Hunters to ensure your game has refreshed to the correct time to be eligible to claim your rewards.

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