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Christmas Login Rewards

Fri Dec 18, 2015 10:05 am

Dec. 19th 5:00 AM~ Dec. 26th 4:59 AM PST

If your Party Level is 10 or higher, every day you login during the event you will receive free gifts in your Mailbox. The more days you login, the more rewards you will get.

1st login day: 5 Elektro Magnets and 20 Sweep Tickets;
2nd login day: 10 Elric Soulstones and 10 EXP Salves;
3rd login day: 50 Diamonds and 5 Void Dusts;
4th login day: 10 Ember Soulstones and Christmas Limited Edition Avatar Frame;
5th login day: 100,000 Coins and 10 Exp Mozarellas;
6th login day: 100 Diamonds and 5 Magic Dusts;
7th login day: 10 Flora Soulstones and 5 Absolute Dusts.

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