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Developer Diary: 2.4.10 Update

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2015 12:00 pm
by hengli
Hello Hunters!

We will update our game (version 2.4.10) to bring you new features and fix some bugs to improve your game experience. The game will be offline from 12/16 11:30 PM until 12/17 5:30 AM PST.

New in this update:

1. Game Content

- Added New Merchant: Goblin Peddler. Appears randomly after completing Heroic Stages; permanently available for players VIP 10 and up
- Number of items displayed simultaneously in Trader raised to 12, added a greater variety of items.
- New Guild Message Feature: Guild Master may now send one message per day to the mailbox of all Guild members.
- Individual Guild Points contribution limit raised to 800 per day
- Adjusted cost and amount of Daily Resets of Heroic Stages for VIP players
- Lowered the cost of the first 2 refreshes of the Black Market Smuggler
- Polish Flag now available as Guild Avatar
- Improved tutorial and adjusted the difficulty of early campaign stages
- Fixed problem with banned words in chat
- New Orange and Purple Items added to Diamond Chest
- 1-Star Heroes in Diamond Chest replaced with 2-Star and 3-Star Heroes.
- New Purple Items added to Gold Chest
- 2-Star Heroes added to Gold Chest
- Improved Quality of Items found in Crucible of Fire Chests, 1-Star Heroes removed
- Tholin Card and Soulstones added to Diamond Chest
- Tholin Soulstones now available in Crucible Supply Wagon
- Riley Soulstones added to Champion’s Corner (Epic Arena Store)

2. Heroes

- After using his ultimate, Dr. Zeno will use his next ability more quickly
- Lowered the Max Health of the bat summoned by Vincent’s 2nd ability

3.Bug Fixes

- Fixed bug causing Mystic Dragonscale not to show stat increase with enchantment
- Fixed bug affecting reset of daily battles in the Arena
- Fixed error in the description of Wraxius’ 4th ability