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Campaign Double Drops

Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:45 am
by Jonny
Dec. 15th 5:00 AM ~ Dec. 18th 4:59 AM PDT

During the event, all loot drops from the normal Campaign are doubled.

1. Double Drops only apply to Normal Mode, Heroic Mode is unchanged.
2. Only loot is doubled, EXP and Coins remain the same.
3. Loot quantity is doubled; loot drop rate remains the same.
4. If it is your first time to complete a Campaign Stage, Double Drops do not apply. Double Drops only apply after you’ve defeated the stage at least once.
5. Note all Event times are based on Server time (Pacific Time). You can view the current server time by tapping and holding on the chicken leg icon next to your current Stamina.