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Diamond Spender

Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:41 am

Dec. 14th 5:00 AM ~ Dec. 17th 4:59 AM PDT.

1. You must claim rewards directly from the Event Screen.
2. After spending Diamonds, you must claim your rewards from the Event Screen before the event time expires.
3. After a server refresh (5:00 AM PT), it is advised to restart Soul Hunters to ensure your game has refreshed to the correct time to be eligible to claim your rewards.

During the event, Spend Diamonds in any way and you will be rewarded with huge amounts of EXP Items and more.

Spend a total of 500 Diamonds and receive 10 EXP Mozarella and 5 Void Dusts;
Spend a total of 1000 Diamonds and receive additional 15 EXP Mozarella;
Spend a total of 2000 Diamonds and receive additional 30 EXP Mozarella, 30 Void Dusts;
Spend a total of 5000 Diamonds and receive additional 60 EXP Mozarella, 10 Magic Dusts and 5 Void Dusts;

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