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Soul Hunters Events May 25th - May 31th

Mon May 25, 2015 4:30 am

Event 1: Login Rewards
Time:May 25th ~ May 27th PDT
Details: If your Party Level is10 or above, every day you login between May 25th and May 27th you will receive 20 Sweep Tickets and 5 Mortus Soulstones in your Mailbox.

Event 2:Campaign Double Drops
Time: May 27th 5:00 AM ~ May 29rd 4:59 AM PDT
Details:During the event all loot drops from the normal Campaign are doubled
1. Double Drops only apply to Normal Mode, Heroic Mode is unchanged.
2. Only loot is doubled, EXP and Coins remain the same.
3. Loot quantity is doubled; loot drop rate remains the same.
4. If it is your first time to challenge a Campaign Stage Double Drops do not apply, Double Drops only apply after you’ve defeated a stage at least once.

Event 3:Double Arena Rank Rewards
Time:May 30rd ~ May 31th PDT
Details:During the event your Daily Arena Rank Rewards will be doubled (Diamonds, EXP Cheese, Gladiator Medals, Coins, and Magic Dust). Daily Arena Rank Rewards are sent to your Mailbox every evening at 9:00 PM PDT.

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