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by Sargon
Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:03 am
Forum: Game Discussion
Topic: Please fix Rose
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Re: Please fix Rose

I would drool over those changes to Rose. Mine has maxed command already so this would be amazing for me, and yeah, Jaques needs his damaged reduced by like 75% (not joking) as a higher priority.
by Sargon
Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:23 am
Forum: Game Discussion
Topic: Jaqc needs to be toned down.
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Re: Jaqc needs to be toned down.

Not sure where you guys are getting the idea that Rose is even close to as broken as Jaques. Jaques is so freaking broken that I can't even begin to imagine how they ever thought he could possibly be remotely balanced. If there was a tier above gold units, say platinum, we would need ANOTHER tier ab...
by Sargon
Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:50 pm
Forum: Game Discussion
Topic: Undead Thematics
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Re: Undead Thematics

I see what they are getting at, but thematically, the perma death on undead and mech is totally backwards to me. First of all, mechs are realistically the most likely thing to survive and be able to be 'repaired' since its not actually alive. They should just add a repair cost to mechs and not perma...
by Sargon
Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:10 pm
Forum: Game Discussion
Topic: Jacques is broken
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Re: Jacques is broken

I agree that Jaques is beyond broken based on the raw dps numbers. His regular auto attack kills a virion before his shield can even go off, like he is absolutely insane just purely on auto attacking, but oh wait, he has an ability that is even more broken. A level 20+ Jaques can mow down 2 or 3 ran...
by Sargon
Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:14 pm
Forum: Bugs & Suggestions
Topic: Dueling / Sieging Low Power Players
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Dueling / Sieging Low Power Players

I am seeing a common request throughout the forums for some form of restriction on sieging or dueling lower level players.. While it is understandably frustrating for lower power players who simply cannot fight or defend players of higher power, we cannot disallow higher power players from attacking...
by Sargon
Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:09 am
Forum: Bugs & Suggestions
Topic: PVP Suggestion
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PVP Suggestion

Devs, 1. This game is in dire need of a casual duel mode that lets any players (even same faction) fight each other purely for fun - no units in hospital or dead. You have a really cool combat system in this game, with a lot of PvP depth that is undiscovered due to the insanely high costs of engagin...
by Sargon
Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:47 pm
Forum: Game Discussion
Topic: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic
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Re: Merging Realms - Discussion Topic

1. Your realm and the level of your stronghold (Castle, Engine, or Pyramid). Realm 18, Castle Level 26 2. Your status - whether you are a King, an Advisor, a Lord, a Governor, or other. N/A 3. If you do not want to merge realms, why not? I'm okay with merging older realms, but I also want completely...